Let's start this new blog with a big post~

Well, yesterday i went in Pescara, a city near my town with my friends to take some photos. The reason of this meeting was that one of our friends joined a photo contest and he asked us to be his models for a day. The theme was Tokyo street style so we expressed ourselves with clothes and make up~   it was really funny!

Let's start with some photos~

Photo  by Andrea Lanzilli
that's me~  you can't see very well but i was wearing a long shirt with very loooooong sleeves from Putumayo, black leggins with bones print, antaina black shoes and bat bag replica from taobao. The beatiful necklace was made by one friend of mine .w.

Photo by Andrea Lanzilli
A beatiful photo with kawaiigra and Federica Hyrule <3 they were beatiful and their outfit perfect, weren't they? <3

That's a photo with Maria, she was soo cute too çOç  
A photo with everyone <3  
After the photo shoot we went to the chinese restaurant for dinner .w.  
Yestarday was a really cool experience <3 i wish we could do another meeting like this asap <3

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