Lolita pic nic!

Yesterday we went to Chieti, a city near mine to have a pic nic in Lolita! :3
The weather sucked and it also rained a bit but it was a nice day after all!

We cooked a loooot of food, I was about to explode ahah
Also I want to show you a tragedy that happend into my bentobox, you know, according th Federica an atomic bomb were dropped there and the survivors were only 3. They were so spirited that even if a tragedy occurred they found the strenght to smile....LOL

Actually my bento box was too big so all the food mixed around LOL
We also had some tea in the afternoon thanks to Nicola who brang a lot of stuffs with him! ahah

We also made a stupid dance beacuse we saw  this a while ago!Federica's boyfriend recorded the whole thing....it was so hilarious xD You can check it out on her blog! ahah

I wore my French café because the print suits the event..I think ahah


Basically I'm the happiest girl in the whole world right now because I literally HATED this year :°D
Saturday was the last day of school so we decided to have a little party with a lot of thing to eat!
As you can see from the pic we could feed an army :°D

I dressed up like the virgin mary because I came to announce the end of the school(???)
The principal also came bacause he didn't want us to party but then we offered him some cake so everything was ok ahahah
A classmate of mine brang some paint so at some point everyone had his face painted ahah
Someone spread the word and like the whole school came into our class to get his/her face painted ahah
We also took some religious pics(????)

Federica ( I have a lot of friends with this name LOL)  took like 200 photos ahah

I'm really happy summer break began but I'm also aware that this will be the last totally free summer of my life because next year I have exams and then I'll start the university however I can't wait to September to come beacause of the GazettE's concert ahah I want to cry :°D

Hrajuku fashion walk Pescara 3rd edition!

On 26th May we held the 3rd edition of the Harajuku fashion walk in Pescara! Yay!
Luckyly there were more people than last time, I was really happy!
We were quite worried about the weather but it was pretty sunny despite the wind >:D
This time i wore a cult party kei outfit but I didn't like it very much :/  

 Group pic!

And here's my outfit (I know it's quite awful, sorry xD)

Federica wore  a cult party kei outfit too <3 <3 she was so much cuter than me ;w;
Grazia was beautiful too with her rokku gyaru outfit  ;AA;

As always we met a lot of rude people too but it's fun listen to what they say ahah

Next fw will be hold in September since summer here is too damn hot D:
I think I'll wear a shironuri outfit °w°