Vassen Lollipop / I.Fairy Cara Brown circle lenses review! ♫

Hello guys!  Here I am with another review!
This time I'm gonna review Vassen Lollipop / I.Fairy Cara Brown Contact Lenses  from loveshoppingholics!

They came in this cute package! loveshoppingholics staff were so nice, they even put a cute card in it.

 These lenses are really big and I love the color, it's a really particular brown! In fact, they look kinda clear on dark eyes.  As soon as I got them I thought they would be perfect for gyaru, in fact they are!  They look just like those lenses that gyaru models wear in magazines! Moreover, despite the size (16.2 mm) they're very confortable even if you wear them for several hours (I wore them for 6 hours or so).
Remember that if you are astigmatic like me your vision may be less clear but it's not a big deal, they're still confortable and let you see almost as if you're wearing your glasses.
I have to say that they bacame my favorite lenses strightaway! I'm wearing them quite often and I'm willing to buy them in other colors too!
So, let me show you some photos!
That's how they look on me, I did a heavy gyaru make up. I took these photos in front of the window, it was cloudy tho.

♫・*:.。. .。.:*・NATURAL LIGHT♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

                                                         ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・INDOOR♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

 ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・WITH FLASH♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

 Aren't they fabulous? **   I hope you enjoyed it :)


End of summer

Hi guys!
Somhow it's already september and it means summer's almost over and I have to come back to schoo- oh wait,  I graduated  LOL
It feels a bit weird actually, 'cause I don't know what I should do untill I leave for Tokyo. I'm looking forward to spend next year there but I'm a bit worried because I don't know what I'll do next. I'm gonna study in a language school but I have no idea what I'll do afterwards.
Maybe I'll start university but I don't want to study in Italy.
Anyway, I spent my two month of summer vacation doing absolutely nothing  apart from sleeping all day and partying all night lol
I hung out a lot with my friends because I didn't want to stay at home. Last year, in fact, I spent an awful summer because I've stayed at home everyday and I had bad thoughts about almost everything. I was sad and unmotivated so I decided to spend this year having fun. I was like ok I don't care about anything let me enjoy my youth! and so I did, even if I'm broke inside and I'm just trying to escape from myself which is kinda ridiculous but still.
Ok, I'm sorry this post is getting annoying ahah I'll try to be positive!
So, here you are some photos I took this summer
(I stole the first two ones from Vanillasyndrome lol)

THIS ^ was crazy. I came back home at 9 am I thought I could die

AND LOOK AT WHAT I BOUGHT This is one of my favorite perfumes and this cluth is too cute I'm so happy I got the last one! Speaking of which... I haven't bought anythig this summer, I just did a small order from Japan, I bought summer clothes...in August.... yeah, it wasn't a really good idea but I'll manage to use those things in autumn too.

So uhm. I think that's pretty much what I wanted to write about, it's not a really intresting post but I hope you enjoyed it! see you  


GEOLICA holicat funky cat funky blue review ♫

Hello guys! Here we are with a new review!
This time I'm gonna review these gorgeous lenses from UNIQSO!
I was searching for a blue pair of lenses that I could wear everyday and , in fact, they look really natural  because the diameter is kinda small (14.5mm).  Anyway they still give you the typical big eyes effect.

They came in a super cute package!  I really love it  I don't want to throw it away ahah
As you can see the package is a a bit more different from the usual one because these leses only last 3 months.

I really love the 3 tone design!  It's really particualr and I love how it fits on my brown eyes. They're also really confortable and I think they're perfect for the newest neo gal trend!  In fact, they look fabulous with a kinda natural makeup! Remember that  circle lenses are a great means to enhance your eyes. Apply a little bit of makeup and false eyelashes and see the difference. :DDD
So, let me show how they look on me!  :DD

♫・*:.。. .。.:*・NATURAL LIGHT/INDOOR♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

 ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・WITH FLASH♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

The last one looks creepy  lol  
If you wanna know something more about wearing circle lenses, and get some instructions you can visit this page, UNIQSO site has a really nice "circle lenses library" where you can get a lot of informations. So if you're wearing them for the first time make sure to check it out! 

 so, what do you think? Don't forget to use the code "claire" for a 10% discount! ;)  Hope you ejoyed my review!  Stay tuned for the next one! ;D 


Outfits master post!

 I haven't posted my outfits on here since...January?  idk....
I feel like I always dress the same so I'm sorry if this post may be a bit boring ;-; 

WIG: Prisila
HAIRBAND: Glavil  
SHIRT: Black Moral
TIGHTS: ebay
GARTER: Handmade
SHOES: Cute to the core

WIG: Bodyline
TIGHTS: Local shop
SHOES: Cute to the core

HEADBAND: Local store
WIG: ebay
DRESS: Bershka
TIGHTS: Local store

WIG: ebay
TIGHTS: random japanese shop
SHOES: Cute to the core

WIG: ebay
NECKLACE: Fernopaa
TIGHTS: Local store
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell

WIG: Lockshop
SHIRT: it was a present, dunno
SKIRT: Glavil 
JACKET: Bershka
TIGHTS: local store
SHOES: Cute to the core

SHIRT: Glad News
SKIRT: Listen Flavor
JACKET: Bershka
SHOES: Glad News
TIGHTS: local store

HAIRBAND: Local store
WIG: Prisila
NECKLACE: Cute can kill
TIGHTS: ebay
SHOES: taobao

HAIRPIN: taobao
NECKLACE: fernopaa
TIGHTS: Local store

WIG: Lockshop
DRESS: Stradivarius
TIGHTS: local shop
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell
BAG: Accessorize

WIG: ebay
SKIRT: taobao
GARTER: handmade
TIGHTS: local shop
SHOES: cute to the core

WIG: Prisila
TIARA: Accessorize
DRESS: Moi Même Moitié
TIGHTS: Grimoire
SHOES: Jeffrey Campbell
NECKLACE: Graveyard Rose 

WIG: Lockshop
SHIRT: Glad News
SHORTS: Bershka
TIGHTS: local shop
SHOES: cute to the core
NECKLACE: Holy Murasaki

SHOES: Cute to the core

SHIRT: Glad News
SHOES: Cute to the core 

That's all folks!  I hope you enjoyed it <3


I'm alive I swear

Hi guys! It has been a while! I haven't posted about my life for a long time because of school but now I'M FREEEEEEEE,  In fact,I graduated last week ( 91/100 yay! my family doesn't care at all  even if I did my best OK.) and I can finally enjoy my summer!
Actaully, nothing special happened but I'm having fun everyday. I'm happy I'm finally able to enjoy things since I've spent last summer in an awful  mood.

My hair is blue again! I'm trying to keep them blue but it's a pain the ass ;-;

After my exam I also got a piercing!  I love it!  it's a bit uncomfortable tho  :'D I can't wear lipstick for a month or so and  I still can't drink properly ahah

I'm really enjoying my summer so far, I'm happy I have  friends to share awesome moments with <3 I will really miss them when I'll leave (going to Tokyo for a year in January yay!)
Actually, we're basically clubbing like crazy lately ahah

 ....clubbing until dawn yay

From tomorrow we're spending a few days  at my beach house, it's going to be a lot of fun for sure :DD
We also planned to go to Rimini in August, I hope we're gonna make it!  
well, that's all I guess! I'm gonna write a new post about my latest outfits soon  ;D


Kimchi bambi green circle lenses review!

Hello guys! it has been a while!  I'm reallt busy atm but I'm gonna talk about this in my next post :)

In this post I'm going to review Kimchi bambi green circle lenses that you can get on loveshoppingholics.com 

These lenses are very comfortable and perfect for differet makeups. I've been wearing them almost everyday for serveral hours (for example, at school)  and even if they're quite big they don't itch at all

                                                                 Natural light

As you can see, even if my eyes are brown they're perfectly visible and they give you a doll-like look, That's why I think they're perfect even for cosplay

I also love the design! In fact, I own them in blue too! 
I do reccomend this pair of lenses also because after using them for more than 8 months they're still like new, I mean, they're still very comfortable! 
I hope that this review helped you in case you were wondering about these lenses C: 
See you :DD


School trip in Munich and Prague❤

Last week was awewsome! It was my last school trip ever and I'm really glad I was able to go 
We left at 1 am....BY BUS.....  it was a really tiring choice but the cheapest so XD We got to Munich at around 2 pm, we spent the afternoon going around Munich, we hadn't much time tho 


We also visited the BMW museum! It was a lot of fun, the building itself was really unique!

MINI's spot was the best XD   you could take this kind of stupid photos  :°D

Such a pretty city ;v; 
 Rabu rabu swans in Munich   I talked a lot to a swan who  kept on following me but then he got mad and run away XDD

We got to the hotel late in the night because we got lost lol moreover we had some problems with our rooms...it  bothered me a lot since I was super tired and I didn't slept for more than 24 hrs :///
***le bulle***

The next day we left to Terezin, we visited a concentration camp...there were some tiny cages with no windows, it was cold as hell there even if there were 20°C outside...I can't imagine how people could even be in their right mind there, it was terrible 

We got to Prague late in the afternoon and after a shower we went out 8D 

I've spent 5 days drinking beer idk 

Architecture in Prague is so pretty, I totally fell for it 
 ❤ This photo is just too cute ;v;

For some reason there were several sharks around Prague XD

Btw,teachers didn't bother us really so we were pretty free to do what we wanted, we also went to the Hard Rock Cafè!  We had so much fun there! My teachers were even dancing I laughed so much XD 

DON'T ASK.  I dunno what happened really but the royal penis was so random XD
It was a really nice school trip, I got super tired and drunk but I made a lot of good memories