Going around Frankfurt

Hi everyone!

Here's another post about Frankfurt! Since I've spent the whole weekend there and it was the first time I went to Germany I went sightseeing with Grazia, Federica and Alessia C:
We stayed at the Continental hotel just in front of the station which is really cheap and rooms are huuuge!

view from our room C:

Business area I guess?? full of banks and sckscreapers but mainly banks :°D

We visited Goethe's house and museum before the meetup! It was really interesting, I studyed his poetry last year at school so it was even more enjoyable. His house is really huge, I didn't expect that! Every room was teastefully furnished!

On Sunday we strolled through the old town centre! We had a nice morning walking around and buying some souvenirs for our friends and family UwU   we had lunch at a typical restaurant in the main square and found out that beer is cheaper than water XDD

Me and Alessia also visited the Museum of  Modern Arts. It was just amazing! I didn't understand the meaning of some works yet I enjoyed trying to find out their the possible sense. It was a pity all the discriptions were written in German 'cause I couldn't understand anything :C

Before going back to the hotel we had some tea in a super nice café  which had a huge variety of teas and sweets! It was delicious C:

So, it was a super nice trip! Frankfurt is lovely and I hope to visit another german city soon C:


Gyaru meetup~

Hi everyone!

I'm super tired but this blog needs to be updated sometimes XD
As you may have noticed this weeked I've attended the Int. gyaru meetup in Frankfurt! Kitai organised it and I want to thank her because she did a great job! C:

Outfit and make-up! I had a tough time doing my make up because our room was way too dark and I couldn't do it properly at first so I've spent like 1 hour bawling out lol also, my new lipstick from MAC is absolutely wonderful ;v;

Group pic stolen from Grazia! :°D  This photo is so nice because look how pretty we are ;v;
We were lucky we managed to take this photo before security kicked us out for some mysterious reason XD

When we first met at the main station we had some time because we were waiting for all to come so I took  pics with some super nice gals  I also was happy I finally managed to meet irl other italian gyarus C:

Moreover, I was super happy to meet Steffi once more  ;v;  she's so lovely and I hope to meet her soon again ;v;

I must admit this is some nice stupid photo I stole from Federica XD

Blurry pics at the karaoke! It was so much fun! Even if I've been almost  silent all the time I had fun watching everyone singing XD We hand't time to go to the cocktail bar so we spent the whole evening before the club  there C:
After the karaoke we dressed up and met again at the main station to go clubbing C:

Grazia and Federica were tired so I went to the club with Alessia, it was the best part of the day beacuse I had the chance to talk with a lot of people like Jojo who is super cute and nice ;v;  We danced like crazy the whole night, I can't remember last time I went that wild XD  I really had a great time! 

It was a wonderful meetup! I hope to attend another one soon!  Everyone is really super nice and I'm really glad I could come and spend time with you all