Japan expo! Maxi post part II yay!

Btw, talking 'bout serious stuffs...XD
Last 2 days were an hell! Saturday above all!
Since there was Kyary Pamyu Pamyu a lot ( i mean..A LOT) of people came because of her.
Once we arrived we went (again part 2XD)  to the signing desk to get the ticket for Kyary meet and greet! We were lucky we went early 'cause after something like 2 minutes the queue became infinite D:
Me and Grazia wore a tokyo street style coord. I was an handsome man 8DD

We decided to have lunch early 'cause in the afternoon there were a lot of events! 
First of all was Kyary meet and greet! Just before that my camera's battery died so i couldn't take any good quality pics D:  but i took one with my shitty mobile camera :°D
After the meet and greet we went to the japan expo stage 'cause there were a show with Kyary and some idols. We arrived early so we didn't have to stand in queue but... since me and Grazia are really really stupid we decided to go out a bit to see other shows.... we came back after  a minute (literally) and we found the INFINITE queue. We verified how stupid we are and decided to go standing in another queue ( QUEUE. QUEUE EVERYWHERE) for Kyary' concert (Kyary day XD).
After a long wait we finally get into the live house.
While we were waiting for Kyary Anli pollicino were still performing so i took some pics .w.

Then Kyary started! there were so many people i couldn't even breathe D:
The show was really cute <3 I don't show you her pics now because reasons :°D 
After the show ended people asked for an encore! I mean, maybe we stayed there screaming "KYARY KYARY KYARY!" for 15 minutes but she didn't sing again D: she just came out greeting us with her hand   :°D
Saturday was over and we were literally died :°D

On Sunday we were not so busy like the previous day, luckily!
We decided to wear sweet lolita so here you are my outfit!
I wore the Country of sweets OP from Angelic Pretty <3

On Sunday there were the Harajuku kawaii fashion show! Since in the morning there were any interesting show we went to the main stage like...3 hours in advice? XD
We saw the ECG too! Cosplayers were awsome! 
Then the fashion show started! We were on the 1st line!
The brands which took part of the show were Innocent world, Spinns, HELLCATPUNKS and 6%DOKIDOKI.

And then Kyary appears XD
But before! Mabeshipamyupamyu ad.! I fell in love with this bean XD
And here you are good quality pics. of Kyary <3

After the show we returned to the Daizy Stripper's concert XD
Our goal was to be under the stage but we kinda failed XD
This time we were on Mayu side so we took a lot of photos of him :°D
Here you are some of 'em <3

 And a little fanservice moment between Nao and Yugiri :°D (Nao literally jumped on him °A°)
Then her you are some random pics <3
2 beatiful maiko <3
This man was singing and dancing YMCA in japanese at the station XD
We met Sui! She is soooo beautiful çAAç

two handsome cosplayers of Tiger & Bunny. 
This is so perfect i can't even..

Well, that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed <3 
See ya (*^o^*)/~


Japan expo! Maxi post part I yay!

I came back from Japan expo on Monday and i was a bit sad 'cause it ended but happy 'cause i came back to Italy XD
The whole 4 days were totally AWSOME!  At the end of the day we were really tired but we were so excited we didn't mind!

Well, the negative side of this trip were transoprts D: really...  we spent a lot of money moving from the airport to the hotel which didn't give us clear informations of its position and din't help us at all!

Btw we tryed to don't mind since we were ther for having fun!

The 1st day me and Grazia dressed up in Hime Gyaru! It was the 1st time for us dressing like that so we were worried we could fail °AA°
Here you are my outfit °w°
Here me and Grazia drssing up :°DD

The 1st day was a totally MESS! Since it was the 1st time for us we really didn't know where to go and what to do D:  Once we arrived at the expo we tryed to understand where was what but we spent the whole morning going around with a map XD  We even went to the wrong queue *le dumb xD
When we finally understood where the signing desk were we standed in queue for Daizy Stripper °ù°
We had to draw so not anyone could met 'em! I won and Grazia lost XD
I was really happy! çAAç  before the signing session we went to the concert!

Since this day was pretty free we went around the expo °w° there were a lot of awsome stuffs but we decided to buy 'em the last day XD

On Saturday we cosplayed Vocaloid!  Madness of duke Venomania ver.! I cosplayed Miku, Grzia Luka and Matteo Gakupo!
Here you are some pics <3

After taking some photos we went to the signing session (again XD) because of Satsuki! He seemed a bit bothered anyway D:
Then was karaoke time! so we went around searching for the karaoke room XD Once we reached it we sang a song °w°It wasn't a good karaoke anyway D: 
Then we went on air on nico nico! It was quite fun since we totally didn't know what to say XD 
When we said we're italian people on the internet commented stupid stuffs like "say pasta!!" it was funny XD

Well, it's enough! I'll update with the last 2 days tomorrow since there a re a lot of things to say and a lot of pics to upload <3 See ya <3


Japan expo!

On Wednesday i'm leaving for Paris!
I'll be there 5 days with Grazia and Matteo for the Japan expo! I'm so excited! (≡^∇^≡)

We're preparing a lot of outfits for this event, i hope they'll be good!
Of course we ordered a lot of stuffs from the net XD
Here you are some WIP photos( ̄▽+ ̄*)

This is the miku cosplay i'll wear on Friday .w.   is so puffy °^° love it!
 This is the gyaru outfit i'll wear the 1st day ≧(´▽`)≦ since is my 1st gyaru outfit i hope it'll be decent at least!   That smexy Luka is Grazia. LOL
And here you are the punk outfit!  Tomorrow i'm dying and cutting  my hair so it'll be perfect!
Today i'm going to try some make up that suits this style~

Of course it's all censored 'cause i'm without make up LOL

Next outfits are lolita ones! I'm going to wear a sweet outfit and a gothic one!
If i'll get my package on time (post office, Y U NO FASTER?)  i'll wear the okashi no kuni OP in pinku 
or else i'll wear the Fantastic Dolly JSK .w.
'bout the gothic i'm going to put on the Gathered Chiffon from Aatp in black and twin with Grazia <3 <3

It will be fantstic! Can't wait really! The most annoying part is pack my packages....D:   I should do it right now but..but...laziness la la la( ̄▽+ ̄*)

That's all folks! See you when i come back♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆