4th Harajuku fashion walk in Pescara!

On Saturday  we held the 4th Harajuku fashion walk in Pescara! It was super duper hot that my make up was about to melt but it was much fun anyway!  I was late because of school but when I got to the meeting place there were more people than I expected! I also met new people,it was nice C:
The itinerary was the same as the previous walks, we didn't walk that much above all because we spent a lot of time taking photos. This time Andrea took beautiful photos of us! I really like them all!

More pics will be uploaded here in the next few days C:

Meanwhile, that's my outfit and creepy face (/•ิ_•ิ)/

Also some (almost) stupid pics I took wuth my phone  :°DD

It was a really nice day, I can't wait for the next one C: 


Trip in Paris part II! Tokyo crazy kawaii!

So here we are with the last part of my trip in Paris! On Sunday me and Grazia decided to go to Tokyo crazy kawaii! The 1st edition of  a convention about japanese fashions! We met Steffi at the metro and went to Parc Floral together, it was the 1st time for me to meet her, she's really niceC:
There we meet Finlay too C:

 The event in general was nice even if I expected to be more booths tbh! We walked around and took some pics waiting for the gyaru meet with French gals and Black Diamond to start!

This pic is like super duper blurry bc the member of BD who took it had those super long nails ahah xD

We met Yu Kimura too! She's soo cute! I've met her before in Rome some years ago, I was happy to meet her again C:

At 3 pm the gyaru meet was supposed to start but, well, it didn't actually start. When the French gyaru sa leader told us that the meet would be held outsie we decided to eat something before going out. We ate taokyaki!

 Btw when we went outside nobody was there so we just ate and took some purikura all together! It was much fun aboveall  'cause we hadn't much time to pose so most of them are really derp ahah
So as you can notice the meet was quite a fail but French gyarus were nice enough to contact us on Facebook on the next day to apologize!
After going around for a while Steffi left and Finlay went around the booths so Grazia and I took some pics, we also saw Anna Tsuchiya live!

We also talked to Juunyan about the italian fashion walks and he said he knows about them! Yay!

It was a quite nice event eventually, above all because of the company CC: Hope to meet everyone soon again <:

So,posts about my trip in Paris are over!  See ya~


Trip in Paris part 1! ☆Harajuku fashion walk ☆

So, hello again! Last week as you may have noticed I went to Paris with Grazia  for the GazettE live but we were lucky 'cause on that week  there were Harajuku fashion walk with Juunyan and Moco (on Thursday) and Tokyo Crazy kawaii  1st edition too!

Let's start talking about the Hrajuku fashion walk!

We gathered just in front of  Arc de Triomphe and walked down the Champs-Élysées, Place da la Concorde, Jardin des Tuileries until Palais de Louvre!  It was a really long walk but it was so much fun! We were really a lot of people! I think we were like one hundred or something! Everyone was wearing really nice outfits and I'm happy I've met a lot of new people CC:

I wore a lolita pastel goth(?????)  outfit  :°D


The lovely Stella came with us from Italy C:

These guys here were too nice xD

I saw them on Kawaii Internatioal some time ago and I totally fell in love with them! I think they're the best shironuri exponents in Europe ;w;

 Moco is the cutest tiny girl ever! ;;

 We also met Finlay! I was so happy to meet her 

We told Juunyan that we also organize fashion walks in Italy and he said he saw our video! I was so happy to hear it!

After the walk we were tired and reaaaally hungry so we went to eat  with Stella CC:

That's all for now~ I will talk about the TCK  later, hope you enjoyed it


the GazettE live in Paris

So here we are! That's my first live report so I don't know how I should write it but let's give a try!
So, on Friday I went to the GazettE live in Paris and it was awesome! I really had much fun! (maybe too much).
Me and Grazia met Valentina ,Valentina and their friends at their hotel and started to wait in line from 8am.   
At about 9.30 am a bus arrived and everyone thought the GazettE  would get off that bus but of corse they didn't,  we only saw Kaolu despite all the staff members. At this point the line was fucked up and people started to be kind of rude,  french staff had to yell at us. At about 10:30 am the situation was out of control so the already split the line into regular and  VIP/GFC.
This line was the wrost thing ever, I mean I was like dead and I didn't sit for about11 hours....at 6:30 pm  we finally went in   ( VIP and GFC line was surprisely reeeally huge). I was lucky I was in the first group so I could be really near the stage (Uruha side)! At that point I was emotionally down.

After waiting for like an hour in front of the stage   [XI] began to play! People started to scream really loudly and they finally get on stage! Here's the setlist:

03. Before I Decay
12. Cockroach
13. Filth in the Beauty
02. Ruder
03. Linda ~candydive Pinky heaven~

Ok, I must admit it, I'm not really into this setlist  but  during the live you just go crazy so! I went totally out of control and even if I thought I was about to faint I tried to stay strong till the end! The really nice thing was a lady who was sitting on the balcony and she was actually singing the lyrics and kind of dancing during the live! I was so impressed since I thought she just went with someone or something. (yeah nobody cares but I loved her).Everyone was really hyped up and the ground LITERALLY jumped with us,I mean you didn't actually jump  because the ground would follow your moviment so the whole thing looked really wild(?).  All the members where stunning on stage and I stared at Ruki for like ten minutes straight during dripping insanity because of his moves. He is really , really theatrical! Especially with his eyes, you can't notice it in DVDs actually but he really looks perfect. Like I said I was in front of Uruha and may I say he's like the most stunning woman  man in the whole world? He's just FLAWLESS, really. I couldn't see Aoi very well and I must say I regret a bit I didn't stand on his side but I can say a thing about him. He doesn't play the guitar, he has sex with it. It's the first thing I thought when I was able to see him ahah. Same goes for Reita even if during the live he came to the our side a few times. The first time I could see him I thought why I haven't ever noticed how handsome are you!? . I mean,he really is!  
Like other people sayed Ruki's voice was kind of low so sometimes you couldn't hear him very well,especially during THE SUICIDE CIRCUS, at some point I thought he stopped to sing!  I got emotional during UNTITLED  and I cried a bit  just a bit . I can't remember the fanserivce, you know, I only remember Ruki touched himself at some point maybe during VENOMOUS SPIDER'S WEB but I'm not sure.
While we were standing in line some girls gave us a paper with a black heart drawn on it and just before the encore everyone raised it. When the band came back on stage they looked kind of  confused, Reita's face was priceless! ahah   I could only see Ruki and Uruha doing the heart shape with their hands tho.
In the end Ruki made a Country mistake xD he took the Italian flag in his mouth instead of the French one! Everyone was really surprised but I guess it's because there were A LOT (I mean, A LOT) of italian fans and like 5/6 italian flags going around so I guess it's understandable(?)  Sorry  French fans xD
Goods were avalable even after the concert and prices were quite cheap!  the rad man T-shirt was €30, the  PC bag was €25, the beauty bag was €30 and there were this neck lace, this ring and a hair pin (can't find a pic, sorry!) in it, the small towel was €15, the poster €10 and the GOD shopping bag €5! I'm sorry I can't remember the other prices but I hope this  could help those who were wondering C:

I was really, really happy to see them! Even if the live was quite short I really enjoyed it and I was really moved, I can't describe my feelings, they're my  favorite band ever and I love their music, lyrics, performances...I hopeI'll be able to see them in Japan soon <3 

There I finally met Valentina and Valentina with whom I only talked to on the internet, they're really lovely and I was really really happy to attend the concert with them <3 I hope to see them soon again <3