lenses review model brown adn grey

Here I am agin with anothr review! :°)
Today I'm gonna write about model lenses in brown and grey.
I got the sponsored by klenspop again.
They've been super kind like last time :)
The lenses I got are super natural and perfect everyday, they're not very noticiable but they look great anyway.  perfect for natual makeup.

They both look cute but I kinda prefer the grey ones maybe because I'm used to my brown eyes ;)
They don't get itchy even after a couple of hours. That's the ost important thing to me so I'm happy about it.   As you can see I did a natural makeup to march the lenses(?)  but I guess you can also try with something heavier. Pretty sure it would look great as well.
Hope you enjoyed ;)


klenspop bunny color brown review

Hello everyone! It has been a while~
Here I am with a new review!
Today I'm reviewing bunny color browm lenses from "klenspop"
I've never heard of them before but they've been very nice with me.
 I'd say it's a very reliable site!
Shipping was super fast!
After  double checking my address they shipped my parcel in a few hours.
The shipping method was fast too! It only took 2 days.
The lenses came in a very cute package in which it was explained how to take care of contact lenses so if you're new to this  it's super useful!

These lenses look veeeeery natural even though the color is pretty awesome, I don't actually like brown lenses but this shade is different from a "normal" brown. In fact, even if my natural eye color is brown as well they look yellow-ish
Also, if you are into natural or not-so-heavy make up they'r perfect!
the diameter is 14 mm so you're eyes won't look bigger  but I'd say they would look very deep.
Moreover, they very confortable even if you wear them for a long time since they're pertty "soft"

They're pretty cool right?
see ya~



Hello guys, here I am again 8)

Yesterday I went to the gazette 13th anniversary live @ Nippon Budokan and I cried a lot.
This isn't going to be a live report 'cause I'm not good at writing those things and I barely remember what happened, I swear.
I had so many feelings all a once so my memory didn't function very well lol
I had a test in the mornig so I woke up at 5:15 am, did my make up, studied and went to school lol
the test was pretty easy so I wasn't worried. Once I was done with it I literally runned to the venue :°)
I got there at 1 pm so I had time to have lunch and buy some goods, the queue was loooooong but I made it in time to get my ticket!

As you can see the weather was awful, It was super windy, it rained and it even snowed at some point! I was freezing .-.
Btw,  there were a lot of booths around the venue. Of course there was the goods booth but there was a booth were you could take photos with the members' instruments on small stages too :°)

At 17:30 we got in, The venue was huuuge  but I was in the 8th row 8DDD
The stage was stunning, It had 3 levels even though the 3rd one was really tiny. In the middle of the stage there was a huuuge staircase made of something that looks like stone.
When it began, a sequence of roman numerals from 1 to 13 appeared on the huge screen behind the staircase and, in the meanwhile a blue light went  up the stairs. When it reached the top the screen split into five and a small altar raised from the top of the 13th step.
All members were on stage but Ruki.
They started to play 13 stairs [-1]  and a tiny hand showed up from that altar.....ruki fucking appeared on a 10 meters high staircase IT WAS JUST STUNNING.
I loved how they decided to start the concert, it was perfect.

 stage view from my seat

  seats behind mine

The setlist was amazing, I really liked how they set it.
I couldn't really get everything Ruki said but he was really thankful to everyone. He repeated it a lot.
During the live Ruki really couldn't stop touching himself or shake his booty lol
You know the thing he always does during psychedelic heroine?  well, he was so enthusuastic about it  he almost fell to the ground lol
During the encore neither they played "ride with the rockers" nor they changed their clothes, it was pretty unusual.
During the second encore they played a new song from the  upcoming album in August!  I was too surprised about it to fully enjoy it but I liked it! It's kind of unique and the rythm changes continously.
So the new album "dogma" will be released in August  while the tour, "dogmatic" will start in september and will be divided into two,  "dogmatin -un-"   (from september to october) and "dogmatic -due-" (from december to january)

I really can't wait to see them again and I'm looking forward to their new album  



Hey guys! it has been a while :°D
I'm  pretty busy so I don't always have time to sit and think about something to write on here but still :')
Everything is ok tho, lessons ae still pretty easy but we have tests like every 2 weeks so it's kinda stressing.
Work is going well too, well...kind of :°D  I seriously do my best but  there are still some things I don't always get right and I really think some of my co-workers hate me for that :°D  even though most of them are really nice and I'm grateful they have the patience to deal with my shitty japanese ahah
Oh, I got my "sin"  writtien above my name ......"carbonara".... I really don't know why one of my coworkers wanted to blame me for that since it doesn't even make sense ahah
So I'm "carbonara  Chiara"  now :°DD

Anyway, it's so fucking cold here, I can't stand it anymore!  I can't wait to spring to get here.
 took this photo on my way to school.

Anyway, since school's from monday to friday I usually hang out with some friends on weekends ( I made friends wooo idk how but it happened woooo) 

Also enjoying light meals 8)))

I haven't been wearing nice outfits lately because I'm aslways in a hurry even on my free time lol or maybe because I spend too much time doing my makeup <<

See ya!