Japan expo! Maxi post part I yay!

I came back from Japan expo on Monday and i was a bit sad 'cause it ended but happy 'cause i came back to Italy XD
The whole 4 days were totally AWSOME!  At the end of the day we were really tired but we were so excited we didn't mind!

Well, the negative side of this trip were transoprts D: really...  we spent a lot of money moving from the airport to the hotel which didn't give us clear informations of its position and din't help us at all!

Btw we tryed to don't mind since we were ther for having fun!

The 1st day me and Grazia dressed up in Hime Gyaru! It was the 1st time for us dressing like that so we were worried we could fail °AA°
Here you are my outfit °w°
Here me and Grazia drssing up :°DD

The 1st day was a totally MESS! Since it was the 1st time for us we really didn't know where to go and what to do D:  Once we arrived at the expo we tryed to understand where was what but we spent the whole morning going around with a map XD  We even went to the wrong queue *le dumb xD
When we finally understood where the signing desk were we standed in queue for Daizy Stripper °ù°
We had to draw so not anyone could met 'em! I won and Grazia lost XD
I was really happy! çAAç  before the signing session we went to the concert!

Since this day was pretty free we went around the expo °w° there were a lot of awsome stuffs but we decided to buy 'em the last day XD

On Saturday we cosplayed Vocaloid!  Madness of duke Venomania ver.! I cosplayed Miku, Grzia Luka and Matteo Gakupo!
Here you are some pics <3

After taking some photos we went to the signing session (again XD) because of Satsuki! He seemed a bit bothered anyway D:
Then was karaoke time! so we went around searching for the karaoke room XD Once we reached it we sang a song °w°It wasn't a good karaoke anyway D: 
Then we went on air on nico nico! It was quite fun since we totally didn't know what to say XD 
When we said we're italian people on the internet commented stupid stuffs like "say pasta!!" it was funny XD

Well, it's enough! I'll update with the last 2 days tomorrow since there a re a lot of things to say and a lot of pics to upload <3 See ya <3

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