Tokyo haul post...shame on me :°DD

So... it's time to show you the shameful shopping i've done in Tokyo :°D

 Prisila wig...i just love this one! It's expansive but it really worth the cost!
 I've bought Algonquins luck pack and this cardigan was in it! So kitsh xD i like it btw .w.
 This is a poncho i bought from Glavil...i've spent a lot of money there LOL Federica and Grazia have the same in different colorways, we can twin :°D
 Ap Red ribbon bag!  Yay! I really need it for my lolita outfits! Also it was very cheap 'cause i've bought it in a Closet Child, yay!
 Another Closet Child purchase! .w. i loved this skirt from AATP at 1st sight! I don't know the series name btw D:
 A really huuuuge cross from Glavil <3 it's so kira kira and asdfghjkl
 A really nice shirt from listen flavor °u°
 I love this belt from Glavil. It's so cute çAç i also like very much this colorway because i can use it also for pastelgoth outfits .w.
 Listen Flavor shirt, it was on sale so xD
 This is a jumper?shirt?dress? dunno xD from Super Lovers, it's sooo cute! On the back it also has a bunny tale çAç

Ap Star Engineer boots! I was lucky 'cause it was the last pair aso it was kinda cheap 8D 

 Ap Holy Night Story Jsk and headbow.  This one was on my wishlist from long time so i was really happy when i found it çAç
 BTSSB socks...i don't know what series they're from D:
 Another shirt from Algonquins lucky pack .w.
 Listen Flavor skirt. This is so cute çAç
 Dress from Glavil. I like how it is already pud, it makes me feel like i actually have boobs LOL
 Blouse from Glavil. this is just awsome ok.
 Cardigan from Super Lovers. It is sooo huge that can fit an elephant xD
 Dress from Ma*rs. I finally bought a gyaru dress! it's really short btw D: i really like that ribbon on the back .w.
 tank top from Glavil. It was needed for the poncho and the blouse xD
 Necklace and wristlace from Fernopaa and hairband from Glavil. Sorry, i know i'm really bad at doing decent pics LOL btw those two things from fernoppa are really cute and full of crosses while the hairband was needed, i love those studs çAç
 Collar from Glavil. I kinda feel like a dog wearing it but i love it LOL
 Bra from Fernopaa. This was bought in a moment of no clarity LOL  i really want to know how should i wear this :°DD
 Algonquins pants. I simply love'em ç^ç they're so asdfghjkl and they're cool for my boysh outfits °^°
 BTSSB Usakumiya marionette. Yep. A marionette. I thought it was a bag but no, so i'll just go around with this in my hands saying let the marionette speak.......what i'm even saying D:
 Some accessories i've bought at Harajuku Closet Child .w.
 Tights. A loot of tights! those tattoo ones are so beautiful çAç since they were on sale i've bought a lot °^°
 Super lovers school bag! I need a new bag to go school :°D
 Two other shirts i got from Algonquins lucky pack .w.
 Kera and Shoxx magazines. It's the 1st time i actually have japanese magazines in my hands çAç
DIM and DIVISION limited ed.! I love Closet Child for this, they were really cheap çAAç

Ok, that's all guys! 8D 

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