Going around Frankfurt

Hi everyone!

Here's another post about Frankfurt! Since I've spent the whole weekend there and it was the first time I went to Germany I went sightseeing with Grazia, Federica and Alessia C:
We stayed at the Continental hotel just in front of the station which is really cheap and rooms are huuuge!

view from our room C:

Business area I guess?? full of banks and sckscreapers but mainly banks :°D

We visited Goethe's house and museum before the meetup! It was really interesting, I studyed his poetry last year at school so it was even more enjoyable. His house is really huge, I didn't expect that! Every room was teastefully furnished!

On Sunday we strolled through the old town centre! We had a nice morning walking around and buying some souvenirs for our friends and family UwU   we had lunch at a typical restaurant in the main square and found out that beer is cheaper than water XDD

Me and Alessia also visited the Museum of  Modern Arts. It was just amazing! I didn't understand the meaning of some works yet I enjoyed trying to find out their the possible sense. It was a pity all the discriptions were written in German 'cause I couldn't understand anything :C

Before going back to the hotel we had some tea in a super nice café  which had a huge variety of teas and sweets! It was delicious C:

So, it was a super nice trip! Frankfurt is lovely and I hope to visit another german city soon C:

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