End of summer

Hi guys!
Somhow it's already september and it means summer's almost over and I have to come back to schoo- oh wait,  I graduated  LOL
It feels a bit weird actually, 'cause I don't know what I should do untill I leave for Tokyo. I'm looking forward to spend next year there but I'm a bit worried because I don't know what I'll do next. I'm gonna study in a language school but I have no idea what I'll do afterwards.
Maybe I'll start university but I don't want to study in Italy.
Anyway, I spent my two month of summer vacation doing absolutely nothing  apart from sleeping all day and partying all night lol
I hung out a lot with my friends because I didn't want to stay at home. Last year, in fact, I spent an awful summer because I've stayed at home everyday and I had bad thoughts about almost everything. I was sad and unmotivated so I decided to spend this year having fun. I was like ok I don't care about anything let me enjoy my youth! and so I did, even if I'm broke inside and I'm just trying to escape from myself which is kinda ridiculous but still.
Ok, I'm sorry this post is getting annoying ahah I'll try to be positive!
So, here you are some photos I took this summer
(I stole the first two ones from Vanillasyndrome lol)

THIS ^ was crazy. I came back home at 9 am I thought I could die

AND LOOK AT WHAT I BOUGHT This is one of my favorite perfumes and this cluth is too cute I'm so happy I got the last one! Speaking of which... I haven't bought anythig this summer, I just did a small order from Japan, I bought summer clothes...in August.... yeah, it wasn't a really good idea but I'll manage to use those things in autumn too.

So uhm. I think that's pretty much what I wanted to write about, it's not a really intresting post but I hope you enjoyed it! see you  

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