klenspop bunny color brown review

Hello everyone! It has been a while~
Here I am with a new review!
Today I'm reviewing bunny color browm lenses from "klenspop"
I've never heard of them before but they've been very nice with me.
 I'd say it's a very reliable site!
Shipping was super fast!
After  double checking my address they shipped my parcel in a few hours.
The shipping method was fast too! It only took 2 days.
The lenses came in a very cute package in which it was explained how to take care of contact lenses so if you're new to this  it's super useful!

These lenses look veeeeery natural even though the color is pretty awesome, I don't actually like brown lenses but this shade is different from a "normal" brown. In fact, even if my natural eye color is brown as well they look yellow-ish
Also, if you are into natural or not-so-heavy make up they'r perfect!
the diameter is 14 mm so you're eyes won't look bigger  but I'd say they would look very deep.
Moreover, they very confortable even if you wear them for a long time since they're pertty "soft"

They're pretty cool right?
see ya~

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