Hey guys! it has been a while :°D
I'm  pretty busy so I don't always have time to sit and think about something to write on here but still :')
Everything is ok tho, lessons ae still pretty easy but we have tests like every 2 weeks so it's kinda stressing.
Work is going well too, well...kind of :°D  I seriously do my best but  there are still some things I don't always get right and I really think some of my co-workers hate me for that :°D  even though most of them are really nice and I'm grateful they have the patience to deal with my shitty japanese ahah
Oh, I got my "sin"  writtien above my name ......"carbonara".... I really don't know why one of my coworkers wanted to blame me for that since it doesn't even make sense ahah
So I'm "carbonara  Chiara"  now :°DD

Anyway, it's so fucking cold here, I can't stand it anymore!  I can't wait to spring to get here.
 took this photo on my way to school.

Anyway, since school's from monday to friday I usually hang out with some friends on weekends ( I made friends wooo idk how but it happened woooo) 

Also enjoying light meals 8)))

I haven't been wearing nice outfits lately because I'm aslways in a hurry even on my free time lol or maybe because I spend too much time doing my makeup <<

See ya!

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