Lolita meeting, Doll convention and BOOM SHAKALAKA.

Hi everyone!
Yesterday i went to Rome with my lolita friends Federica and Grazia for a lolita meeting and a doll convention! .w.
I've met new lolitas too,it was really funny!
That's the outfit i wore.

We arrived in Rome for lunch so we went to the chinese restaurant all together. Then, we went to a doll convention! .w.  it was really nice, there were a lot of dolls. Some of them were really creepy °A°||
That's a photo i stole from Federica's blog (sorry Fede XD) of a pulip stand! They were so gorgeous °^° It's a pity they cost so much D:  I really want one >__<

That's all, i really had fun. Hope can meet again .w.
Bye bye (・ω・)/

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