Last Saturday i went to Pescara with my friends because there were an event in the comic store we use to go.

There were a karaoke party 'cause Grazia ended her japanese course.
Federica came too!
We """"""sang""""""  together...'ya know...fantastic baby LOL
It was really funny since nobody of us can sing in korean and the only words we could scream like idiots where  "wow, fantastic baby" and, of course, "BOOM SHAKALAKA!". I don't even like dat song but somehow it's fuckin' addicting :°D

After this we had dinner in a  restaurant and we ate "arrosticini"  (roast lamb). I love 'em *ç*

I wore the gathered chiffon <3  i love it <3 <3
(photo with Grazia <3)

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  1. boom shakalaka *sculetta* appena troverò il programma per tagliare metterò il video 8D ahah

  2. You are cuuuuute ! *w*