Funny week-end!!

Last week end was really busy and funny!

Frist of all, on Saturday i went to Grazia's place. It took me 2 hours so when i arrived it was 7 pm already.
On the way to her house i liked very much the landscape so i tooked a pic. of it!

In the night we went to a pub where we sang at the karaoke, it was really funny!

On Sunday we went to Teramo 'because there were a comics convention,it was a rainy day so it wasn't so much enjoyable but it was funny anyway.
Since the convention was really small we didn't think there were so much cosplayers.
There we met Federica too who cosplayed yuki onna, she was so cute <3
Here some pics.

I cosplayed Stocking from Panty & Stocking  .w.
Grazia cosplayed HIZAKI  from Versailles...she was so handsome XD
It started rain hard so we went for a cup of tea .w.
we came back for dinner and on Monday i came back home.
In my town was St. Thomas patron's feast so on Monday i didn't go to school.
I went out with my friends in the night.We went eatin' to a pub waitin' for the Arisa's concert. An italian singer. She was really cute!
Here some pics....even if they're awful since i took 'em with my phone :°D
then we went to the merry go round before come back home.
My friend wished me happy birthday at midnight <3
We had some fun together and stuffs.
That's all folks! It was a really amusing week end .w.
bye bye <3 <3

4 commenti:

  1. awww eravate così belle *w* *scuoricin* mi viene da ridere al pensiero del concerto di arisa ahah XD

    1. Uhhh grazie Fede <3 sempre così gentile çAAç *lancia caramelle

      ahahah siii la siua vocina è qualcosa di meraviglioso XD

  2. you look so cute!!!also love Hizaki cosplay :3