Back to school~

So...tomorrow i'm starting a new school year and i really wish i could stay at home for the rest of my life because i don't wanna do anything. Ok, it's a lil bit drastic but i'm really not in the mood.

Btw, this post is to sum up what i've done during this summer (basically nothing :°D) and what i'm gonna do now that i''m starting the 4th year of high school....i still can't realize next year's gonna be the last!

Well, this summer was really lazy and i didn't do anything special despite going to the JAPAN EXPO (which i've spoken about in the previous post) and going to Greece with my parents...i didn't like that week with 'em very much 'cause there were so damn hot and humid i couldn't even stay out of the pool.

So here you are a photo of Rhodes's sea
I've also met Federica and Grazia a lot of time just for having fun <3 even if we're living in the same region we're still a bit far from each other D:
In order to sum up our meetings i've choosen some pics of us <3 Mostly taken by Federica coz i always forget my camera *clap clap

At the moment i'm only happy because hot is over and since i have to get up early everyday i will stop going to bed at 4 am :°D

Some days ago i went school shopping with my favorite classmates <3

Next projects are Lucca comic and games and....JAPAN!
In November i'm going to the usual comic con in Lucca, I'm gonna stay there for 2 days. On Saturday in lolita and on Sunday in cosplay. I think i'm gonna cosplay Madoka Kaname from Madoka magika~
And the the big event <3 I'm gonna stay in Japan from 21th december to 6th jenuary, it means i'm gonna celebrate there xmas and new's year eve! I still can't belive that since it's my 1st time in Japan! I'll stay in Tokyo with Grazia, i'm really really really looking forward it! I'm trying to save some money for shopping :°DD
Bye <3

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  1. soo kawaii photos,and love the last one,yummmmyyyy,I love nutella!!! <3

  2. Aw, thank you <3

    Yeah they were so yummy! °^°