You know that awful little thing called math

Yeah, so today was a little math-noon with some of my classmates...
1st math homeworks of the year and we already dunno what to do LOL
They didn't take us so much time btw.

She was like "WTF did i just read." LOL

                                                     Bad and ugly exercises >:(
                                                                  Our maths saviours *bless
                                                              Bad and ugly exercises part 2
                                                                     *le math stretching
After our work was done we had to toast because we're too clever(??????)
Yep, i know, this post is USELESS but i really have a boring life so i should update this blog with somethin' or not.....
Also, talkin' 'bout school (school, yay .-.),today the  schedule was like french,english,spanish and italian.... I COULDN'T HANDLE ALL THAT LANGUAGES. Srsly, when i came back home i was like wat is my native language i dunno anymoar.
Ok,i should end this right now .-.
Ah, today me~

See ya(^з^)-☆

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