Lucca comcs & games 2012!

Last week end i went to Lucca in Tuscany because of the yearly comicon. This is the biggest expo in Italy so a lot of people come every year. I was supposed to stay there for the whole comicon lenght but since i'm going to Tokyo in about a month i had to save some money (・`ω´・)
It was a package tour so we had to leave Pescara at 1.30 am  'cause Lucca is pretty far away and because of traffic we arrived at 12:00 am...... I was like dead after travelling all night long(×_×;) 
On the same day me and Grazia had to dress up in lolita 'cause we decided to took part to the lolita fashion show! I wore my Fantastic Dolly (★^O^★)

Federica and Grazia  were so gorgeous çAç
We spent the whole day doing this so when the fashion show ended we just walked aroud also 'cause we were tired as hell and lolita isn't that confortable LOL
On Sunday me and Grazia cosplayed Madoka and Mami from Madoka Magika, we were soooo lucky it didn't rain 'cause the whole expo take place outdoor....Imo it's so stupid doing an outdoor expo in November...i mean it's cold and it could rain at anytime, it's a pain for cosplayers(´Д` )
So, here you are me cosplaying Madoka (◕‿◕✿)

Some stupid pics with Grazia LOL

This is the Japan palace entrance which is the only part of the expo dedicated to Japan.
Also, ALPACAS.  ALPACAS EVERYWHERE.  I bought a gigant one and i called him Pasquale aka Nyansan. He's actually my new boyfriend. (I'm a lonely person i know).
Let me share with you some precious moments with Pasquale <3

Also dancing Gangnam style....

...and playing Project Diva....

I had a lot of fun even if i was so tired! Next year we're gonna organise all by ourselvs no matter what!
So, from now on me and Grazia are focused on our travel in Japan!  I can't wait!O(≧▽≦)O

See 'ya!☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

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