Easter holydays! (●´∀`●)

So, I've spent the last week eating with my family bacuse of Easter  xD EASTER EGGSSSSSSSSSSSS
I was happy i could rest a bit from school 'cause i'm really done with this shit, i NEED summer break right now  。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。
By the way this year i stayed at home so didn't anything special!  Two days before Easter another childhood friend came of age so i went to her birthday! It was really funny, there were a lot of people this time!
Also, i had to make the video for her, in Italy we usually make a video with all the pics of  the birthday guy from his/her birth  till his/her teenage , it took me 8 fucking hours... i was so done but she liked it so i'm happy! ;AA;
I didn't take any photos so here you are the outfit i wore .w.
Lately i fell like i wear always the same clothes, i should go shopping ahah

On Easter day i had lunch with my parents, my grandparents and my uncle! I ate a lot of delicious food my granny cooked for us! She's amazing! °^°
On Easter Monday i went to Dania's place with 2 other childhood friends, we cooked some pasta and meat and we literally didn't anything til alla day xD 
On Tuesday  i went to Grazia's place so we could record a new tutorial for our project! This time i showed how to do a visual kei hairstyle and make up! Hope you'll like it °v°
It's something like this:

This Easter break was pretty peaceful despite the fact i nearly had a heART ATTACK BECAUSE OF the GazettE WRLD TOUR 13 I CREYED ALL DAY MY MUM WAS ACTUALLY WORRIED BECAUSE I COULDN'T EVEN SPEAK PROPERLY TO EXPLAIN WHAT WAS GOING ON. Btw once i calmed down i booked an hotel in Paris xD i'm gonna attendi it with Grazia! Omg guys i'm so happy, i really can't belive it! I must be able to get the tickets as soon as possible! I'm gonna be so doki doki and shit till Septembrer ASDFGHJKL.It will be my 1st time, i hope to be near them 'cause my low vision is gettin worse day by day ahah but IT WILL BE FUCKIN' AMAZING ANYWAY, I mean, the GazettE's lives are always so damn amazing i can't belive i will actually be in it çAAç

Well, that's all! See 'ya( ゚▽゚)/

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment and for follow me! I'm glad you like my blog!°^° I really like your blog too and i just followed you on bloglovin!.w.

  2. stai BENISSIMO in visual key °0°! ♥