Bank holiday and incoming summer break!

It has been a while ahah 
I really didn't do anything special these days but this weekend I had some rest from school due the bank holiday!
On Saturday me, Grazia and her husband, Federica and her boyfriend and Alessia  went to ikea since Grazia had things to buy.

 In the evening they came at my place for dinner~
Since it was bank holiday after dinner we took a walk in the downtown and then we went to the itinerant Luna park... I had a lot of fun there xD a video of our experience (?) there has been recorded too but I' m not gonna show it to you xD

I also received this beautiful present from Federecia because next week I'm coming of age ( I don't want to ( i _ i )
Saturday's outfit: 
On Sunday I went out with my classmates, my town was so crowed! We just went around the downtown in the afternoon. In the evening I more friends came and we went to the Luna park again ahah 
Sunday's outfit:

Yesterday was the last day of holiday unluckly ;A;
In the evening I went out with some classmates since there were a lot of events all around the town. At midnight we saw fireworks☆ I really love them ;; 
Monday's outfit:
I really don't like this outfit but I don't know what to wear anymore ahah I'm waiting my package with new stuffs xD
I had a lot of fun but I'm tired and I don't know how to handle school anymore D: there's only 3 weeks left to summer break and I really can't wait even if this period is really awful and stressful. I don't know how I will contend with the next year D: I'm happy only because it will be the last one! 

Well, that's all! Bye bye☆

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