Lolita pic nic!

Yesterday we went to Chieti, a city near mine to have a pic nic in Lolita! :3
The weather sucked and it also rained a bit but it was a nice day after all!

We cooked a loooot of food, I was about to explode ahah
Also I want to show you a tragedy that happend into my bentobox, you know, according th Federica an atomic bomb were dropped there and the survivors were only 3. They were so spirited that even if a tragedy occurred they found the strenght to smile....LOL

Actually my bento box was too big so all the food mixed around LOL
We also had some tea in the afternoon thanks to Nicola who brang a lot of stuffs with him! ahah

We also made a stupid dance beacuse we saw  this a while ago!Federica's boyfriend recorded the whole thing....it was so hilarious xD You can check it out on her blog! ahah

I wore my French café because the print suits the event..I think ahah

2 commenti:

  1. Haha, the obachan video is so hilarious X'D
    I bet you had lots of fun while doing the dance.

    And btw you look really lovely in your dress! Well, you all do :D

    1. Ahahaha yep, we had to do some exercise before doing it 'cause we couldn't stop laughing ahaha btw thank you very much ;w;