Hrajuku fashion walk Pescara 3rd edition!

On 26th May we held the 3rd edition of the Harajuku fashion walk in Pescara! Yay!
Luckyly there were more people than last time, I was really happy!
We were quite worried about the weather but it was pretty sunny despite the wind >:D
This time i wore a cult party kei outfit but I didn't like it very much :/  

 Group pic!

And here's my outfit (I know it's quite awful, sorry xD)

Federica wore  a cult party kei outfit too <3 <3 she was so much cuter than me ;w;
Grazia was beautiful too with her rokku gyaru outfit  ;AA;

As always we met a lot of rude people too but it's fun listen to what they say ahah

Next fw will be hold in September since summer here is too damn hot D:
I think I'll wear a shironuri outfit °w°

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