Really random post

I dunno why I'm writing this post because I really have nothing to say LOL but today I feel like I want to update this blog so.. ahah
Well, nothing intresting happend lately, I'm not even going out a lot because somehaow I'm tired DD:
Btw this week sales started so I've bought something!

I really needed a pair of shorts but this year you can only find super duper short shorts, I mean, they're supposed to actually be pants not panties DD: I really don't know how girls can go out with those on D:  Luckly I've found a kind of normal lenght shorts! As you can see I've also bought some  grandma-style clothings for cult party kei ahah 

 Two posts ago I've talked about a order group from lockshop, this is the wig I got! It was like super cheap so I added it to my collection ahaha  The quality is really good and I totally love the color! It is actually perfect for different styles!


This weekend I'm going to attend a Japan themed event in a reagion near mine with Grazia and Federica! We're going to model and talk a bit about different fashions in Japan! I'm gonna write a post about it next week! Bye bye( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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