Summer (´ω`★)

It's already July I can't believe it  ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚

This summer is going too fast, I don' t know if I'm happy or not ahah
Btw I want to let you now about what I'm doing lately almost nothing tbh  8D
Well, During June I've spent a week alone bc my parent went to Sardinia on holiday so I went to Grazia's place for a few days~ we had dinner with Federica,Gianna and a lot of other people on the 1st day~It was a lot of fun that evening xD
That's what I wore~

I've recieved a new package on that week too so I have something to wear this summer ahah
Me and my friends also made a group order from lockshop to get free shipping,wigs are never enough! ahah

As I stayed at Grazia's place we went out to eat some sushi! I love sushi  ;A;

When I came home I've spent my days sleeping xD I'm still shamelessy sleeping untill 3 pm or so but I'm on holiday so I guess it's ok xD
I also went out sometimes tho :°D   Here you are some outfits~

On 26th June  I went to the cinema with Grazia!  We watched Madoka Magika movie part 1!  I can't  wait to see the second one *w*As you can see we went there in cosplay ahah
Last week (maybe, I've already forgot lol)  me and Federica went to Grazia's place again (Grazia's house is like an hotel everyone can go there just warn her a day before LOL) and we cooked japanese curry! It was sooooo yummy ;;  I think I can live only eating japanese curry ahah

Well, see you when  I'll have something intresting to say :°DDD 

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