Sometimes I write the thing but I dunno how I should actually entitle the thing

Only two weeks to end  this month too 8D  I'm actually kind of happy because I really can't stand this heat anymore plus I want to wear  cute dresses without suffering LOL
Btw I don't have much to say  so I think I'm gonna talk a bit about what I've done lately, in fact I don't know why I'm going out  quite often that even my parents can't belive it ahah
Well I just try to fight boredoom which I hate ://
During these days there were a lot of festivals here in my town so It was quite fun going out~

I took some pics of my town plus some events so here you are~

On that day rained a lot so the sky was beautiful, sorry for all this spam tho :°D

On Friday night there were a lot of events in my town I was actually surprised xD  I went to see a super cute aquacade!  I recorded a little video so here you are!

There were fireworks too but I didn't take any pic sorry ><
Btw, yesterday I went out with Grazia and Federica~  It was the 1st time in a while Iwent out during daytime LOL

To end this thing here, here you are two outfits I wore these days, bye bye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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