Kill me with fire (◕‿◕✿)

Hi everyone, it has been a while,huh?
While I was doing nothing, somehow, school begun...UGH.
I actually don't know if I'm happy because I willi graduate this year or if I'm not because I will graduate this year LOL
Really, teachers already started telling us that this year is important and difficult beacuse of the state certification exam  so I've spent the whole moring worring about it, it was kind of awful :/
But let's try to not get depressed at least while I'm writing my blog :°DDD
 My face at 7am...I woke upat 4.35am because I overslept the moring before, atm I'm tired as fuck but I have stuff to do:°D  like studying to get my driving licence

Kind of simple outfit..it was way too hot to wear tights and I can't go to school showing my legs so :/

My  desk and someof my classmates C:  We look happy but we aren't lol
Moreover, on thursday I have my driving licence test and I'm really scared since I make a lot of mistakes during my mocks  (ToT)

Btw next week me and Grazia are laveing for Paris!  We're going to  Tokyo Crazy Kawaii and the GazettE concert! I'm reeeeally looking forward to the concert because they're my favorite bandand their concerts seems like a lot of fun! However I am a bit afraid of people that might hurt others to get closer to the stage :/   well, let's hope everything will be ok C:
I think I will (MAAAAYBE)   write a """decent""" live report since up until now there only are some in Spanish :°D   
well, see you 

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