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Hi guys, how have you been?
Lately I've been super busy with school,test ecc.. and it's not over yet ugh  
Today we got REALLY upset with our business economics techer because she was an asshole and gave us like 100+ pages to study due Thursday.....moreover I have a literature and a Spanish test tomorrow but I hadn't much time to study properly (+ a bit of lazinesswhich is completely understandable )
so since (as you can totally understand) these 2 weeks are being awful I've spent a good weekend going around downtown with my friends to forget LOL
In the afternoon I went out with Federica and Grazia C:

This shop here has the best mirrors :°DDD

Then I've spent the whole night with my cutepie   
I came back really late and I was like dead but I wasn't willing to fall asleep because I didn't want to wake up on Sunday lol

Let me also show you some of my latest outfits C:

 I like this outfit  here ↑   and,since I actually liked my makeup as well here's a selfie  :°D

I need to buy a better red lipstick! 

Yeah, I'm having issues with my face LOL  idk I just think I'm not photogenic, at least when other people take photos of me :°D

Btw, international gyaru meet in 12 days!  I really can't wait to meet a lot of new people and go around Frankfurt! I've never been to Germany so I'm looking forward to everything C: 
I finally got all my packages so I can wear sometinhg decent ahah

So, yeah,I guess I'm done with this post, I'm sorry I know I always write boring stuff lol
 see ya~

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  1. Beautiful Picures and I´m absolutely in Love with your outfits!!

  2. I love the black and purple-ish outfit * ^ * <3

    1. I actually like it too! ahaha thank a lot tho ♡