Happy new year guys!
Hope you had a fantastic NYE party :DDD

Well, winter break is almost over, isn't it? I'll spend these few days left doing all my homework ORZ 
I've spent the previous week with my family eating, eating and also eating lol It's always nice to spend time with family once in a while but this year it felt kinda different in a negative way idk

 That's me on Xmas eve lol   I wanted dress up in a christmas-y(?) way but I don't have anything that could work so I've just tried this pose ahah

I also got some super cute and useful  presents from my friends, thank you  

Also, like I said in my last post my mum was nice and bought me a lot of things  

This is a pratically a whole outfit XD  I'll wear it at the international gyaru meeting in Frankfurt! C: I'm looking forward to it CC:   I got some money from my grandparents that I was supposed to save for this incoming trip but I've ended up spending almost all  LOL   well, I've still saved enough money to pay for my hotel room :°DD

Last present was from me to me LOL  I had some money left so I've bought myself some Black Moral stuff, I really needed a new wallet so..


NYE party was at Grazia's place!We had a lot of fun and ate a lot! I really enjoyed the last day of that shitty year lol
 It was a pity that Federica couldn't be there bc her boyfriend was sick <\\3 

Last selfie of 2013 LOL  I forgot to take an outfit pic tho :°DDD

That's me with Grazia and Valentina   Just before dinner :°D

I hope this year will be better (not very  positive towards it but still..) and I hope to make a lot of good memories C:

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  1. Bellissime voi e bellissimi regali *__*!
    Buon inizio anno nuovo =)!