Golden and green wig review from lolita dress online

Hello guys!
So here you are my first sponsored review! I got a fabulous wig from lolita dress online  C:
Shipping was pretty fast and communication was nice, they were really kind and helpful!
So here's the wig!

  It is super fluffy and  the waves look so natural too! It's actually the most natural wig I own at the moment!
I love the waves because they're very voluminous.
To me, it matches perfectly with every kind of outfit,  lolita, gyaru , harajuku style and so on! It can also be a very casual wig that  you can wear without dressing up! In fact, I think I'm going to wear it often at school.
It is also very light and comfy so even if you wear it for a long time your head won't hurt! I highly recommend this wig!
Here's some extra photos, the first two ones were taken with my phone but I took the others with a camera.

 The green tips are my favorite part, I love that shade! It's like dark emerald I think.
Moreover, if you prefer they have a different color combination on their site! Dark brown with red tips! C:

That's all! I hope you enjoyed it and thanks again to lolita dress online C:

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