Kimchi bambi green circle lenses review!

Hello guys! it has been a while!  I'm reallt busy atm but I'm gonna talk about this in my next post :)

In this post I'm going to review Kimchi bambi green circle lenses that you can get on loveshoppingholics.com 

These lenses are very comfortable and perfect for differet makeups. I've been wearing them almost everyday for serveral hours (for example, at school)  and even if they're quite big they don't itch at all

                                                                 Natural light

As you can see, even if my eyes are brown they're perfectly visible and they give you a doll-like look, That's why I think they're perfect even for cosplay

I also love the design! In fact, I own them in blue too! 
I do reccomend this pair of lenses also because after using them for more than 8 months they're still like new, I mean, they're still very comfortable! 
I hope that this review helped you in case you were wondering about these lenses C: 
See you :DD

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