School trip in Munich and Prague❤

Last week was awewsome! It was my last school trip ever and I'm really glad I was able to go 
We left at 1 am....BY BUS.....  it was a really tiring choice but the cheapest so XD We got to Munich at around 2 pm, we spent the afternoon going around Munich, we hadn't much time tho 


We also visited the BMW museum! It was a lot of fun, the building itself was really unique!

MINI's spot was the best XD   you could take this kind of stupid photos  :°D

Such a pretty city ;v; 
 Rabu rabu swans in Munich   I talked a lot to a swan who  kept on following me but then he got mad and run away XDD

We got to the hotel late in the night because we got lost lol moreover we had some problems with our rooms...it  bothered me a lot since I was super tired and I didn't slept for more than 24 hrs :///
***le bulle***

The next day we left to Terezin, we visited a concentration camp...there were some tiny cages with no windows, it was cold as hell there even if there were 20°C outside...I can't imagine how people could even be in their right mind there, it was terrible 

We got to Prague late in the afternoon and after a shower we went out 8D 

I've spent 5 days drinking beer idk 

Architecture in Prague is so pretty, I totally fell for it 
 ❤ This photo is just too cute ;v;

For some reason there were several sharks around Prague XD

Btw,teachers didn't bother us really so we were pretty free to do what we wanted, we also went to the Hard Rock Cafè!  We had so much fun there! My teachers were even dancing I laughed so much XD 

DON'T ASK.  I dunno what happened really but the royal penis was so random XD
It was a really nice school trip, I got super tired and drunk but I made a lot of good memories 

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