My summer break lasted 6 months lol

Here I am again!
So, school started last week and I'm already tired lol   I'm no longer used to the routine and I should fix my sleeping schedule in the fisrt place.
Moreover, I'm not very happy with my placement test's results since I'm studying things I've already learned like 3 years ago even though I've never learned how to properly write kanji so I' guess it's good.
 I'm slowly making some friends which is great since I'm terribly shy and awkward :^)

I've also made some japanese friends, I went out with them last weekend and it was really fun, I can't wait to hang out with together again! 
I learned a lot of new words if you know what I mean lol

Aren't they super cute? <3

On Sunday I hung out with Federica, we went to a hair salon in Shibuya to get hair extensions! It's called Arujyansu
 It was super cheap and I'm very happy with the result!
They considered my hair color as a "natural" one so it was cheaper than I thought LOL

Yesterday we went to The Lock Up restaurant in Shibuya, it was crazy, the place itself was really amazing, we ate in a calustrophobic jail cell and the food was yummy even though a bit pricey.
Also, since I saw they were looking for people to hire I asked for more informations and...guess who's starting on Friday? 8D   I hope I'll be fine, I've never worked before, I'm a bit scared since I'm not that fluent n Japense but I'll do my best.

That's all folks, see you soon!

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