Someone who's not me coming of age party

Yesterday UNFORTUNATELY was my birthaday. Since i really don't like growing up i decided to not celebrate even if it was my coming of age BUT....I had a surprise!
I knew that i would had dinner with my family but while i was waiting for the food to be ready my mom told me to look outside the window.....there were all my friends holding a huge poster made by them for me (they wrote in japanese ahah)  and singing "happy brithday"! I was so shocked! Like...i was wearing my dad's pajama without any make up and   super random hair.....i guess they were shocked too x°D

Then we had dinner all together! I really had a lot of fun, we always end up saying a lot of bullshit while eating ahah Anyway, i didn't expect it at all even if i knew my friends weren't happy with the fact i didn't want to celebrate ahah
Btw since i was in pajama i had to dress up in a decent way in few minutes so i'm sorry you're gonna see all my ugliness in the next photos ahah

 It seems that the real dinner with my family will be on Saturday ahah
Bye bye ヾ(^∇^)

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