Just because I have nothing to do

Yeah, basically this is a super useless post because I have nothing better to do atm and I really don't want to study anymore *burns books
You know, I' m spending my days studying,studying and also studying, I really can't stand school anymore, Moreover next week's gonna be hella stressing because I have tests like everyday 'till Saturday UGH I'm really glad that's my last year .-.
Also I can't wait to Xmas holidays to come so I can relax a bit!
Btw Grazia Federica and I are planning to go to the international gyaru meet in Frankfurt in Feburary! Seems like I still have something to look forward to LOL
 I'm really excited because I've never been to Frankfurt and I can't wait to meet other gals C:  That's a great excuse to buy some new clothes tho 8DDDD

Well, I guess this post got boring enaugh so let's end it here, let me just leave you with a pic of my latest outfit so this thing here won't be too bare (does this even make sense idk)

....I'm sorry(?)

3 commenti:

  1. I like the outfit, especially the shirt is super cool!
    Can't wait for christmas holidays as well, school is killing me right now