HFW in Pescara 5th edition!

So, on Saturday we held the 5th Harajuku fashion walk in Pescara! It was cold as hell so not many people came (we aspected that  :°D)  but it was fun as always! I actually was a bit late bc of school tho :°D

That's what I wore:

Credits: Daniele Nicolucci

Since it was really too cold to keep on walking around  we went drink some tea C:

With my sweetie pies  Grazia, Federica and Alessia <3

And that's me and Federica being anti-social ahah  damn smartphones XD

After the walk I went out for dinner with Grazia and Alessia, we had a lot of fun C:
***time for some shitty quality pics***

Yeah, I was actually trying to kiss her cheek but it looks more like I was about to eat her  LOL

It was a nice week end C:
See you~

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