Incoming Xmas idk

So  it's almost christmas but  even more important.... I'M ON HOLIDAY.  FINALLY.
Actually I'm still really busy so it doesn't feel like it at all!
I'm tring to get my driving licence so I drive everyday even if I still suck at it lol  I have tons of homework too so I can't properly realx :////

 Lately my dear childhood friend turned 18! Idk how but she was really looking forward to it :°D
We had a big party and I came back home at 2 am, I was dead beacuse I wore my litas for like12 hrs and I was awake since 6:30 am D:

That's me with her CCC:

I just love this dress but I don't wear it often ;A;
sorry for my super fat legs

Uhm..  I'm pretty sad this year because last year I was in Tokyo during Xmas period so I'm a bit nostalgic ahah
Btw my mum bought me a lot of nice presents  and I'm happy because it's so unusual ;A;  I'll show you them when I'll get all my packages ahah   I'm currently waiting for like 7 packages and I'll add some more really soon.... I'm the wrost ahah
Well, I really wanted to travel during these holidays but since I can't I'll comfort myself with clothes :°DD

Also, idk if it's just me but this year  I'm just not feeling christmas atmosphere at all,I wonder why!
 I'mgonna spend xmas eve and xmas day with my family even if tomorrow I'm seeing Grazia and Alessia so we can exchange gifts <3

boring life of Claire part 12345667432  ends here,I guess!

Wish you all a merry Xmas and a super happy new year <3

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