6th Harajuku fashion walk in Pescara ☆彡

Here we are with another fashion walk! It took place last Sunday and we were lucky because the weather was pretty nice (a little bit windy tho). This time we decided to have a picnic to change the usual schedule.
Because of that we met at the station in the morning, I was so tired I barely woke up on time lol
The picnic was a lot of fun and everyone brought a lot of yummy food to share with others but me...  (My bus leaves at 9:00 am, I made my sandwich at 10:50 am so...:°DDD)

Stupid photo with Maria <3 <3 

Because of the picnic and the windy weather the fashion walk ended earlier than usual but me and some fellows strolled a bit more around Pescara eventually ending up in a cafè lol 

Btw, here's my outfit+selfie and details C:

It was fun as usal!

Next week I'll be on school trip in Munich and Prague! Next post will be about this, I guess. Can't wait to have fun! ☆彡

2 commenti:

  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun ;)
    Your coordinate is gorgeous! :3

  2. Yes we had! C:
    thank you sweetie °ù°