Trip in Paris part II! Tokyo crazy kawaii!

So here we are with the last part of my trip in Paris! On Sunday me and Grazia decided to go to Tokyo crazy kawaii! The 1st edition of  a convention about japanese fashions! We met Steffi at the metro and went to Parc Floral together, it was the 1st time for me to meet her, she's really niceC:
There we meet Finlay too C:

 The event in general was nice even if I expected to be more booths tbh! We walked around and took some pics waiting for the gyaru meet with French gals and Black Diamond to start!

This pic is like super duper blurry bc the member of BD who took it had those super long nails ahah xD

We met Yu Kimura too! She's soo cute! I've met her before in Rome some years ago, I was happy to meet her again C:

At 3 pm the gyaru meet was supposed to start but, well, it didn't actually start. When the French gyaru sa leader told us that the meet would be held outsie we decided to eat something before going out. We ate taokyaki!

 Btw when we went outside nobody was there so we just ate and took some purikura all together! It was much fun aboveall  'cause we hadn't much time to pose so most of them are really derp ahah
So as you can notice the meet was quite a fail but French gyarus were nice enough to contact us on Facebook on the next day to apologize!
After going around for a while Steffi left and Finlay went around the booths so Grazia and I took some pics, we also saw Anna Tsuchiya live!

We also talked to Juunyan about the italian fashion walks and he said he knows about them! Yay!

It was a quite nice event eventually, above all because of the company CC: Hope to meet everyone soon again <:

So,posts about my trip in Paris are over!  See ya~

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