Trip in Paris part 1! ☆Harajuku fashion walk ☆

So, hello again! Last week as you may have noticed I went to Paris with Grazia  for the GazettE live but we were lucky 'cause on that week  there were Harajuku fashion walk with Juunyan and Moco (on Thursday) and Tokyo Crazy kawaii  1st edition too!

Let's start talking about the Hrajuku fashion walk!

We gathered just in front of  Arc de Triomphe and walked down the Champs-Élysées, Place da la Concorde, Jardin des Tuileries until Palais de Louvre!  It was a really long walk but it was so much fun! We were really a lot of people! I think we were like one hundred or something! Everyone was wearing really nice outfits and I'm happy I've met a lot of new people CC:

I wore a lolita pastel goth(?????)  outfit  :°D


The lovely Stella came with us from Italy C:

These guys here were too nice xD

I saw them on Kawaii Internatioal some time ago and I totally fell in love with them! I think they're the best shironuri exponents in Europe ;w;

 Moco is the cutest tiny girl ever! ;;

 We also met Finlay! I was so happy to meet her 

We told Juunyan that we also organize fashion walks in Italy and he said he saw our video! I was so happy to hear it!

After the walk we were tired and reaaaally hungry so we went to eat  with Stella CC:

That's all for now~ I will talk about the TCK  later, hope you enjoyed it

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